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Company LaserComp Oy is the parent company of the LaserComp group. The same group also includes the subsidiary Celermec Oy. As a result of the acquisition, the LaserComp group was born in late 2015, and the co-operative ARVO was involved in the figures. There are also three active private owners. The group's turnover is approximately EUR 8 million and employs a total of 65 people. The activities of the companies complement each other well and cooperation is done in both directions. The Group's objective is to grow in the near future as a significant service provider in the region. The plans are also to increase exports and develop internationalization.

Factory in Sievi - Celermec Oy
Celermec Oy was founded in 1997 and is focused on sheet metal mechanics, machining, painting and assembling. The company employs some 50 people and the turnover is about 5 million euros. Our customers include pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers, other machine and equipment manufacturers, the electronics industry and HVAC equipment manufacturers. Our production facilities are modern, with a total area of 4600 m2.

lasercomp logo 360Factory in Nivala - LaserComp Oy
LaserComp Oy was established in 2001 and specializes in laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, bending and welding assemblies. The company employs about 15 people and the turnover is approximately 3 million euros. Our customers are large and small machine and equipment manufacturers. We have begun construction of new and modern production facilities, which will be completed in the spring of 2018. The new production facilities are about 3400 m2.

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Celermec Oy · Eletie 7 · 85410 SIEVI · +358 44 781 5715
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